The Cemetery Board thanks the Telford VFW for placing American flags on all graves of veterans prior to Memorial Day again this year and performing a memorial service on Monday.

On January 1, 2016 the cemetery was legally separated from Trinity United Church of Christ and began operations as Trinity Cemetery of Telford, a non-profit cemetery company managed by a Board of Directors. All funds related to perpetual care of the cemetery were transfered to the new company.

As of January 1, 2018 there were 1,243 burials of which 138 are known military veterans. The earliest burial in the cemetery was in 1878.

For grave purchases and current information, please contact Pat Lee at 215-723-0260.

For historical information, contact Jim Gill at 215-723-9662.

Links to the cemetery layout and burials (a 27 page pdf) are provided to help physically locate relatives and friends in the cemetery.

Volunteers Needed:


To take minutes at 2-3 meetings a year and e-mail them to the Board members. Approximately 8-12 hours per year.

Board Members

To attend 2-3 meetings per year, assist marking graves, and assist with maintenance if able.

Contact Jim Gill at 215-723-9662.

Other websites of interest include:

- Bucks County Genealogical Society


- Find A Grave

Trinity Cemetery of Telford

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